Traditional Vietnamese for food lovers

Proudly established by Chef Van Hai Thai in 2003, Sunflower has successfully entered the Hospitality Industry with a Bang!  Chef has attracted a large and loyal customer base not only at Sunflower but also previous ventures such as Vietnam Palace on Gouger Street (1990 - 2002), Gold Leaf (1989 - 1990) and Saigon (1986 -1988). With Chef Hai's many years of experience he is able to use the best local ingredients that South Australia has to offer. Chef is able to enhance the flavours by using his family recipes and traditional cooking techniques with a modern twist.


Sunflower is open six days a week, and the contemporary atmosphere is perfect for a casual meeting yet still accommodating to groups. Healthy, flavourful fare is what we serve here so expect your meal to be oil-free but full of fresh vegetables and herbs. Diners looking for traditional and authentic Vietnamese food will find it at Sunflower where Chef Hai and the staff are dedicated to providing friendly service and flavourful food at an affordable price.

Image by Oliver Cole

Chef Van Hai

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